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Integrate Your Business Systems With High-End Applications & APIs

Having a good B2B integration platform in this new era of business may be the difference between a fast and integrated company and a slow and antiquate organization.
Business systems integration is the right choice if you want to improve your operation and speed up your processes. We can help you integrate your business operation services with your main partners, suppliers, and customers. B2B systems integration services allow your business to scale faster and reduce the need for timely and manual inputs at each step.
deltAlyz has been integrating and building custom B2B systems for many years, and our team has the required expertise to help you in your journey.

What Is It And Why The B2B Integration Is Important

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The usage of an integration platform helps companies integrate all complex systems and documents transfer processes in a single solution.
The platform collects data from source applications, converts it into standard formats, and then sends the documents to the trading partner using the appropriate transport protocol.
B2B integration software is available in an on-premises deployment. However, you can take advantage of cloud services.

B2B Integration Is A Global Tendency

B2B (Business-to-Business) integration is intended to improve the business documents exchange process, for example, between suppliers and customers. It saves time and money and enhances the level of the services you provide.

Better Partnership With B2B Integration

The key to any modern B2B integration solution is comprehensive information management. This process must include tools that allow you to automate connections with partners, vendors, customers, suppliers, logistic service providers, financial institutions – to securely and effectively share and collaborate on your documents.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

EDI is the standard electronic format for exchanging information between businesses. It was designed to replace paper documents and reduce the waiting time for documents in a business-to-business relation.

Cloud services integration

Today is expected that companies use software and other resources hosted in different environments. Connecting all systems, applications, and databases into the cloud will make your work much more effective.

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