Cybersecurity, data science and digital transformation experts.

Since 2015, digital technologies have become the 4th industrial revolution after the steam machine in 1780's, electricity in 1870's and electronics / information technologies in 1970's.

We know that our world is rapidly evolving nowadays. As experts in data science and new technologies, our role is to support you during all your digital transformation projects and help you maintain or increase your competitiveness.

deltAlyz Corporation is an international firm located in three different continents, we serve our customers in North America, Europe and Africa.

Our services

Our team members perform extensive work in 6 different fields:

Business Applications development, Business Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Data Analytics, ERP and CRM systems implementation, Process Automation.


Business Applications

Companies have specific business processes that require a tailored set of functionalities. We can develop them for you.

Business Intelligence

Transform your traditional tables of data and legacy systems into a powerful management & strategic decision making tool.


Cyber attacks have become one of the greatest threats to many companies of all sizes. Our role is to increase your protection.

Data Analytics

You raw data might hide valuable insights to your business. We can help you unveiling them.

ERP and CRM Systems

Sales, Purchases, Finance, Accounting, Project Management, etc. We implement enterprise systems to cover them all.

Process Automation

We all have 24 hours a day. We can help you spare your time for other valuable tasks by automating your business processes.

Microsoft Partner

We are an active member of the Microsoft Partner Network and have successfully obtained multiple certifications

Microsoft Silver Data Platform And Silve

Have a project or idea to develop?

Our team members will be more than happy to assist you and support you in the development and implementation of your IT solutions, digital transformation and data analysis projects.

We also provide tailored training sessions to help everyone master the new tools and technologies we develop.

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