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Business Intelligence - The Most Effective Way To Improve Decisions In Your Business

We have developed a refined data intelligence process with the main objective to bring the information that matters to your decision-making process.

Our experienced team of software engineers, programmers, and BI experts combined with state-of-the-art resources will provide business intelligence solutions that make your processes more agile and profitable.

We provide your company with dashboards and reports, including interactive charts, graphs, maps, KPI visuals, etc. These analytics and business intelligence artifacts help understand the current situation and past events to plan the next steps with accurate data.

More About Our Business Intelligence Strategies

Business Data Solutions

At deltAlyz, we assist our clients in extracting meaningful insights from their data and guiding them in their business digital transformation. We help them increase efficiency and improve their business by better understanding their customers and improving company processes, resulting in competitive advantage.

While each client’s situation is unique based on their data journey, we have a tried-and-true end-to-end strategy for our analytics and solution creation.

Early Decision

With the right and simplified information, you’ll be faster. Make better and quicker decisions is vital in this modern business world.

+ Effectiveness

Highly actionable and automated solutions with robust data research help your business reach the top with more effective data-driven actions.

Unique Data Insights

We help our clients find company development possibilities by concentrating on data and insights, customer strategy, and data monetization.

Data Visualization & Reporting

Our data visualization and report services will pillar your strategy from infographics to automated PDFs and reporting tools.

We Apply Cognitive AI Capabilities To Your Data To Enhance Business Intelligence Exponentially.

Take Your Business Intelligence To The Next Level



Data sources can be multiple and stored in different locations (local servers, web applications, third-party services, etc.). Determine as early as possible the availability of these data sources and how we can access them is an important step.



Today, leading innovative organizations are opening and unleashing the power of data analytics, thereby driving the demand for data science. At deltAlyz, we can take advantage of technologies such as distributed computing offered by Hadoop distributions (ex: Hortonworks Data Platform, Cloudera CDH, Microsoft Azure HDInsight) to enhance your analytics power.


Visualization (BI tools)

The main types of Business Intelligence deliverables are dashboards and reports. These are the first steps towards the digital transformation you need for your company to explore the value of your data.

Dashboards are certainly the most appreciated visualization tool. They offer an intuitive and friendly way to see aggregated data and extract insights.

Empower your team with tailored dashboards, providing good visualization of performance, trends, market, campaign results, and much more. Your team will be able to bring much more value to their work and for the company.

Reports are practical tools for day-to-day tasks. Use it to monitor, evaluate and improve your basics processes and enhance the efficiency of your operations.

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