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Web & Mobile Applications

A web application refers to an application used on any device. All that you need to run it is a web browser. They are developed using web technologies like HTML, CSS, and Ajax.

Rich Internet Application (RIA) can use cross-platform mobile app development technologies such as Flash, JavaFX, and Silverlight. They work like native software even if they are not built for a particular operating system.

Mobile application development services allow you to develop complex web and mobile applications with usability equivalent to regular computer software.

Modern And Well-Designed Mobile App Solutions

Our professional mobile application developers in Canada are committed to providing cost-effective mobile applications development solutions to generate more revenue for our customers.

We have expertise in iPhone and Android mobile technologies and can develop applications to make smartphones work better for you business. Let us turn your imagination into reality.

E-Commerce Apps

E-commerce mobile applications have become an essential medium for sales. They are helping companies expand their reach and connect with customers around the world. Therefore, the demand for e-commerce application development in today’s world is very high.

Business Apps

We develop user-oriented applications to answer specific business requirements. deltAlyz is a specialist in B2B solutions through corporate web applications for internal and external use.

App Maintenance

In case some you encounter issues with some of your applications, we can provide maintenance for you, helping to reduce your overall IT costs and increase your productivity. We can refactor unclear code and replace the legacy ones, improving agility, efficiency and scaling your application. We can take care of the hard work to let you focus more on your valuable tasks.

Accelerate Digital Transformation

Custom Apps are a must to have to accelerate your digital transformation.

With this type of applications you can bring together people, processes and data to increase value for your customers and your enhance your competitive advantage.

We Keep Up To Date With The Best Trends To Always Put Your App A Step Ahead.

deltAlyz Embraces Today's Best Features Used In Web Apps



AR technology has been changing the way we interact with applications. By using a camera, our experience with videos and games was enhanced. Now with Apple’s ARkit and Google’s ARcore, we can provide a fundamental change to our mobile phones. With features like motion tracking, people occlusion, and environment understanding, we can take your application to the next level.



Artificial intelligence and machine learning are now becoming standard features in the applications we use every day. Some examples we might observe are voice search, face unlocks, chatbots, etc. Artificial intelligence-driven photo filtering applications, such as Face App, Prisma, etc., have taken the use of artificial intelligence to a new level.


Biometric authentication AND MORE

Biometric authentication has become a part of a variety of mobile apps, like banking, finance, payment, and other industries. Previously, it was only limited to unlocking mobile phones. Now it has become a fast and convenient way to log in to apps. In addition to the featured features, we also offer a range of in-app services.

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