7 Reasons to Work With a Microsoft Gold Partner

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7 Reasons to Work With a Microsoft Gold Partner

Microsoft is a giant among the most established companies worldwide dealing in computer software, personal computers, consumer electronics, and various digital services. Therefore, to be associated with such a household name in any way can be an incredible honor for businesses of any size. As a result, many Microsoft services and digital solutions providers opt for a robust vendor partnership to become a certified Microsoft Gold Partner.

Microsoft acknowledges companies with certain competencies, especially those offering digitalization or digital transformation services. However, to achieve this status, any company would have to meet a specific performance threshold, upskill their subject-matter experts according to industry developments, and optimize their tech support to enhance customer experience.

In this post, we’ll share what being a Microsoft Gold Partner means, along with seven reasons to work with one for your technology or transformation needs.

An Overview of Microsoft Partner Types

There are currently two types of Microsoft partners – Silver and Gold. These certifications are designed to highlight the level of business a partner company is operating at and the specific skills/technologies it has at its disposal.

Along with getting access to all the latest training materials, Microsoft Partners can access Microsoft Partner Signature Support to enhance tech support for Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, and Microsoft CRM Online.

A Microsoft Silver Partner is essentially a firm providing Microsoft-related products or services and demonstrating proficiency and specialization in particular areas. A Microsoft Gold Partner, in contrast, specializes in a host of services and is committed to providing the highest level of support and collaborative relationship with Microsoft.

Gold Partners typically work at a strategic level, leveraging the power of evolving Microsoft technologies to offer cutting-edge solutions to their clients. Moreover, they have the capabilities to:

  • Provide different Microsoft products and services.
  • Provide custom web, software, and other digital solutions by leveraging the latest development and data technologies – AI, ML, Cloud, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, etc.
  • Provide round-the-clock customer support and the latest industry news and updates.
  • Provide world-class consultative expertise from brief to development, deployment, and maintenance.

Microsoft Gold Partner Capabilities

Generally speaking, Microsoft Gold Partners usually specialize in one or more of the following services:

  • Azure, Azure Stack, Azure Security, and Operation Management
  • Cloud Migration
  • Office 365
  • Enterprise Mobility and Security
  • Custom Web, Mobile, and Software Development
  • Business Intelligence (Power BI)
  • Project Management and Risk Assessment
  • Windows
  • SQL, etc.

7 Reasons to Work with a Microsoft Gold Partner

By the year-end of 2020, Microsoft reported a 13% increase in revenue as thousands of businesses worldwide accelerated their transformation drives and opted for digital solutions to cope with remote work models and infrastructural changes. Microsoft also claims over 60% of small businesses (SMBs) expect Microsoft Silver and Gold Partners to help provide technical guidance for their digital transition.

Here are seven benefits of working with a Microsoft Gold Partner:

1.     Unparalleled Expertise

All Microsoft Gold Partners have a team of Microsoft Certified IT Experts offering a particular skill set and/or specializing in specific technologies. Therefore, you can rest assured they will provide the most innovative and trusted solutions for your business needs – from implementing the latest hardware and software to adopting cloud technologies and Microsoft’s extensive suite of digital services and apps.

2.     Strategic Consultative Services

Microsoft Gold Partners offer much more than a hand full of IT and digital services. These Managed Services Providers become acquainted with businesses of all sizes in multiple industries, offering expert advice to enhance operational efficiency, productivity, business intelligence, and data-driven decision-making.

Therefore, they ensure your IT capabilities align with your strategic goals and improve your bottom line.

3.     Premium-Quality Services

Microsoft takes its vendor partnership programs quite seriously. It conducts rigorous assessments to ensure that its Silver and Gold Partners provide exceptional services to its end-users or customers. Therefore, most clients looking for premium-quality services opt for Microsoft Partners to make their company agile and competitive.

4.     Affordability

Microsoft aims to make its services accessible to businesses of every size and scale. Therefore, it expects its partners to provide high-quality, tailored services at competitive prices. Many companies hire these firms to outsource their tasks instead of hiring in-house teams.

5.     On-Demand Support

The best thing about hiring a Microsoft Gold Partner is that you won’t lose valuable time and resources waiting for solutions to downtimes, disruptions, inefficiencies, and other IT issues. By hiring the services of these experts, you have access to on-demand tech support. Therefore, you can reach out to their Partner’s support team and get answers to different queries in real-time.

6.     Constant Transition

From a digital transformation perspective, Microsoft Gold Partners help businesses stay in a state of constant transition, enabling them to be at the forefront of the latest innovations that could improve their core operations, user experience, and ultimately, their bottom line. Microsoft ensures every Partner has access to extensive training, product-specific information, and implementation strategies.

7.     Access to Microsoft’s Suite of Cloud-Based Solutions

Another great reason to work with a Microsoft Gold Partner is access to Microsoft’s extensive range of online apps and services as an add-on to their core services. This includes Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft 365, And Microsoft BI, to name a few. More importantly, your Partner can help adopt new programs and services, hitting the market faster and more effectively.


Now that you understand the benefits of working with a Microsoft Gold Partner, it’s time to look for the best one for your specific business requirements. At Deltalyz, we specialize in a host of services from web, mobile, and software applications to cloud migration, Cybersecurity, process automation, and system integration.

Therefore, you can rest assured we can design and develop tailored digital solutions according to your brand, products operations, and user capabilities using the latest Microsoft solutions. Microsoft Partners are growing rapidly in demand in the New Normal as thousands of businesses are accelerating their transformation initiatives.

We provide the highest level of services and support in our value offerings. Feel free to get in touch with our team for more information and a free quote.