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In short, an application programming interface (API) is an intermediary software that allows two systems/programs to communicate with each other. It is one of the most common integration options between systems.

An API works as a standardized data transfer method between two applications. It is sometimes also described as a form of contract between software.

To simplify, it is a request for information/data from software A to software B. Software A specifies what it wants. Then, B provides the requested information to software A.

Improve Your Business Efficiency And Growth With API Integrations

API Development Provided By deltAlyz is More Than A Simple Integration

API integration also plays a massive role in increasing productivity by providing access to valuable and rich information between your systems.

You can also increase potential sales through the new process created by an API integration.

For example, you can integrate software such as PayPal or Stripe into your e-commerce website or application to automate the payment process. Or you can develop your API to offer your customers a better experience when integrating their applications directly with your services.

You can also leverage API integrations to connect your systems with your suppliers’ systems and applications to streamline procurement processes.

Core Services

We provide API development and API integration services covering a wide range of industries. We have a unique identity when developing and integrating APIs for the web, mobile applications, and the cloud.

Custom API

At deltAlyz, we provide customized services based on API development. We seek to develop APIs that fit the ever-changing business model and ensure coherent and composite integration with a large number of applications.

API Development

We can develop the API you need to make your service available to your internal or external users. We can build all the different kinds of APIs you need. Web-based ones with HTTP webhooks, SOAP, REST, or GraphQL, whatever are your business requirements, we can provide you with the best solution.

API Integrations In deltAlyz Today

We can assist you in the integration of most varieties of public or private APIs. Being a public data repository or a private software service, we can integrate it with your system to add value to your services or business intelligence solutions.

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