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Most organizations use multiple systems and software to run their business. However, productivity and work efficiency drop when these components do not “talk” to each other. This happens any time your team must invest time and energy in each channel and step, searching for different pieces of the information. Not to mention the risk of manual errors related to the same data entry but in different systems. In this scenario, system integration is what you need to smoothen your business processes.

We can help your business with

Enterprise application integration (EAI)

As your company grows, the implementation of additional systems becomes a necessity to reach your objectives. However, this can also create weaknesses when they work independently as they generate data silos. Integrating enterprise applications enhance data management and data quality to drive a better decision-making process.

Legacy system integration

Outdated systems are challenging when you cannot afford to replace them in a short term. At deltAlyz, we develop custom connectors to enable legacy systems to communicate with applications whether on-premises or in the cloud.

Third-party system integration

We can integrate ready-to-use third-party software with your existing systems. 3rd party systems include web and business applications, social media, payment methods, public databases, public and private APIs, and many other applications and platforms.

Business-To-Business (B2B) integration

This integration allows businesses to connect systems from two or more organizations to automate transactions and document exchange across organizations.


With effective integration of your systems, we turn your early called slow system into a fast and productive environment.

As a Microsoft-certified company, we can integrate different systems according to the best practices while keeping everything manageable. Rely on state-of-the-art technology for operational support and integration of industrial, commercial, sales, internal use, and complex application integration.


System integration can become a challenge for organizations, and it can reduce the overall return on investment of new software solutions when it fails.

At deltAlyz, we can help you integrate new and outdated software, applying the exact methods for each of your systems and business conditions.

From simple point-to-point integration to a complex Enterprise Service Bus (EBS), we can deliver a long-term solution to your company that best fits your organization’s needs.

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