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What is the main goal when automating a process or workflow? Would it be the reduction of time, reducing bureaucracy, or maybe cost, or even free your employees for more productive and intelligence-required tasks? All these benefits can be reached with digital workflow automation.

We at deltAlyz, can help you streamline your workflows, make them more productive and automate them to enhance your company’s competitiveness and growth. We assist you in orchestrating your services, automating your processes, and keeping the flow by integrating different systems and apps, all of which are serverless applications.

Monitor activity in your social media and create reminders


Workflow automation platforms provide a high observation of your process, workflows, and application characteristics, making it easy to manage. In failures, it is easy to keep track of logs and ensure that your operation will recover in the same place where it left off. Also, they have many connectors that can be started by triggers and actions in real-time, making your process much more independent and reliable.

Another interesting point is that all integrations between systems, apps, data can be made on-premises, in the cloud, or both.

Enhanced Productivity

deltAlyz can help you improve your productivity by automating your process with the features that suit your company, assuring effective operations, liberating your employees from manual and repetitive tasks.

Automate data handling (ETL/ELT) process

Automate data preparation for your business intelligence strategy. With automated workflow, you can have efficient and fast data preparation. It is possible to automate the entire flow to ingest data from various data sources to your data lake/data warehouse into your BI dashboards.

Promote Document Transparency

Using the correct approach and tools, you will keep track of all operations that happen in the automated workflows. You have easy access to the history of executions. You can assure security by defining who will have access to the automation platform and the data flowing through the process. Also, you will be able to ensure that these tasks will be executed in the correct order.

Automate email with triggers

A good automated process does not need someone to press a play button to start running. Your automated tasks can be executed when a trigger is activated. For example, when a customer sends you an order by email, your process can start by itself. Also, this order can be processed across multiple systems, making your response much faster.

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