Process Automation

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Many companies are willing to automate low value and repetitive tasks to spare employees time for higher value jobs. By doing so, these firms benefits at multiple levels.

One of the latest technologies used for process automation is called RPA (Robotic Process Automation). It enables great capabilities as it allows automation even for legacy systems that have no built-in API features. With RPA technologies, our customers can automate complex business processes, expedite them and reduce / eliminate human errors. We can go even further in the modernization of business processes by combining RPA capabilities with AI and machine learning. In fact, with this combination, the system is able to take smart decisions and recommend future action steps to take.

RPA capabilities

When we develop such solutions, we basically create bots (robots) capable of receiving data, process it and take actions. These bots are able to then communicate with other systems such as ERP systems. For example, a bot can automatically create sales documents based on a email received form a customer. A bot can also communicate with other bots that are programmed to run other kind of actions. As you can see, possibilities are endless.

deltAlyz team members develop 100% custom bots / automation logics that fit to your specific needs. We build these solutions based on proven standards and methodologies, using programming languages such as Python, Scala, AL, JavaScript, etc.


Customer Cases - Microsoft Tools




Metro Bank PLC


Metro Bank is a fairly new financial institution, it was created in 2010 in England. It is the first high-street bank to be granted by the UK financial services authority in more than 150 years.

Metro Bank has now more that 50 branches across the country and manage over a million banking accounts. While many other financial institutions are closing branches, Metro Bank continues to expand and grow its market share. As a new player in a very competitive sector, Metro Bank knew that its processes need to be efficient and as much automated as possible in order to survive and differentiate itself from the other big players.

As a young organization, it had limited financial resources compared to its competitors. Also, Metro Bank focused its efforts on developing the use of new technologies and data analytics, to provide better customer services and increase customers loyalty.


Azure platform and Power Platform are part of the implemented digital strategy. In fact with these two platforms, Metro Bank could have custom solutions and automated processes that cover every aspect in the organization. This efficient ecosystem was built using Azure Synapse, Power Automate, Common Data Services and Power BI.









DriveTime sells used vehicles both online and through more than 140 dealerships across the USA, with an annual revenue of more than 2 billion dollars.

To sell that many used cars, the company has to buy them on the market at the best price possible. In 2016, DriveTime sold more than 160,000 vehicles.

The purchase process of used cars is quite time consuming. In fact, much energy and time are needed to find the best opportunities whenever they appear.

Historically, DriveTime used to send on the field its 65 car inspectors and buyers to buy thousands of vehicles. Whenever a buyer select a car and purchase it, he or she takes notes to document the purchase decision. DriveTime was looking for a better way to make the purchase process more efficient during the public car auctions.


Thanks to Azure SQL database services and its seamless integration with the Power Platform, a revolutionary solution was built and delivered to the buyers team in no time. Actually, two applications have been developed: One for the car inspectors who are present on the field, this one is used during the public auctions, and another application built for the buyers who stay in the office and interact with multiple car inspectors in real time.

The car inspectors team uses tablets to collect data of the showcased cars prior to the auction start time, this information is then directly sent to the buyers in the office. Meanwhile the other app collects additional data from the public auction website, combine it with the inspectors data and send it all to Azure, where a DriveTime algorithm can analyze the data and send the recommendations back to the buyers and car inspectors. This process is fully automated thanks to Power Automate.


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We deliver tailored training sessions to organizations who are looking to develop internal skills for Process Automation. These sessions include hands on labs using Azure Platform and Power Platform. Your employees will build skills that will allow them to create automated processes to cover future organisation's needs.


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