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Power BI Management for Companies

Power BI Management For Companies

The Power BI service is a cloud-based business analysis and data visualization service that enables anyone to visualize and analyze data with higher speed, efficiency, and understanding.

For companies that want more outstanding reporting and analysis capabilities than Excel provides, Power BI is the next level of business intelligence. With Power BI, companies can collect, review, and visualize data from the entire company, giving them a deeper understanding of their operations and performance and making more informed decisions based on actual data.

Business intelligence continues to evolve to keep up with technology and business needs. Therefore, we determine current trends every year to keep users up with the pace of innovation. Remember that artificial intelligence and machine learning will continue to grow, and companies can integrate the information generated by artificial intelligence into their complete BI strategy.

Power BI Benefits

Create an amazing data experience

deltAlyz easily connects, models, and visualizes your data. We create special reports customized to your KPIs and brand. Get fast AI-based answers to your business questions, even when asking questions in conversational language.

Business intelligence tools and platforms

Many self-service business intelligence tools and platforms simplify the analysis process. This makes it easier for people to view and understand their data, allowing them to explore on their own without technical knowledge. Many BI platforms are designed to generate ad hoc reports, visualize data, and create custom dashboards that users can use at different levels.

Get a view of your biggest BI deployments

Make the most of your significant data investment by connecting to all large-scale data sources to analyze, share, and obtain detailed information across your organization while maintaining data accuracy, consistency, and security.

Make decisions with confidence

We integrate all your data sources into a single data warehouse to act as a source of truth and let you run intelligent analysis and make better decisions with more accuracy.

How BI, data analytics, and business analytics work together

Business intelligence includes data analysis and business analysis, but it only applies them as part of the overall process. BI helps users make decisions by analyzing data.

Data scientists investigate specific aspects of data, using advanced statistical techniques and predictive analysis to identify historical patterns and predict future designs. Data analysis asks the following questions: “Why does this happen, and what will happen in the future?” Business intelligence applies these models and algorithms and translates the results into actionable language. According to Gartner’s IT Glossary, “Business analysis includes data mining, predictive analysis, application analysis, and statistics.” In short, organizations use business analysis as part of a larger business intelligence strategy. BI is designed to answer specific questions and provide immediate analysis to support planning and decision-making.

The big softtware power Bi

Essential tips for implementing business intelligence in your company?


Predictive and prescriptive analytics

Power BI management provides companies with a broader view of how data relates to their business. In other words, you can analyze the past (predictive analysis) to find insights for correct decisions or predict the future in various ways (normative analysis), trying to understand the impact of these decisions in different scenarios.


A cloud

More and more companies are migrating their data to the cloud. The scalable modern environment provides facilities for storing information and making processing more flexible.


Helps to reduce risks and errors

Another significant advantage provided by BI is the reduction of risks and errors. In other words, as long as the company has correct and accurate information, it is possible to foresee future risks and make decisions based on this information. Through BI, errors, failures, and bottlenecks can be identified. These can be corrected in internal processes, thereby increasing productivity and reducing losses in unforeseen circumstances.

Factors that help decision making using power BI

A significant advantage that business intelligence brings to managers is the real-time monitoring of information, in an era when remote work has become more popular and even a necessity, for example, in the case of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is imperative to access company information from anywhere. Managers have no time to waste and must have all the information to monitor the results. The most important thing is to make strategic decisions anytime and anywhere, which is vital to maintaining the company’s competitiveness.
Because of all the other benefits listed above, BI can increase competitiveness and profitability. In other words, from the moment the tool provides a broad and detailed view of the business, managers have everything they need to make the most decisive decisions quickly. Therefore, managers can remain competitive in the competition and improve their profitability. In short, we know that all companies need to process a large amount of data that must be processed efficiently to understand what is happening inside the business quickly. Therefore, from what we have seen so far, business intelligence’s advantages to enterprises are apparent, and we must be aware of its importance to today’s management.
Many companies find it challenging to manage the large amount of information generated in their daily activities. Therefore, business intelligence aims to process all these data and convert them into valuable information for managers’ decision-making. In this way, the combined data can provide a clearer and more objective analysis of internal processes, facilitate decision-making and produce results in a structured manner.