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How to Join in Microsoft Partner Network

It is effortless to establish a partnership with Microsoft Canada. We provide a guide for Canadian partners to get all the resources to start the partner journey, make the most of your membership, access events, support, marketing, and sales resources, and connect with the Canadian community. Download the guide to find the following information.

Learn how the Microsoft Partner Program works for you: benefits, requirements, etc. Visit the Microsoft partner website to register. Your Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) ID is your way to unlock all membership benefits. Become a member of the partner network to get a free MPN ID. Upgrade to the next subscription level for software, support, and more help build and develop your Microsoft practice in a cloud-first, mobile-first world.

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Microsoft Services Help your business to keep a step ahead

Keeping up with the pace of technological change is essential to staying competitive. Whether you work or what device you use, Microsoft software solutions can simplify workflow and improve collaboration. Insight experts will guide you through each stage of the software life cycle.

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