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How efficiently a company can be managed is directly linked to the level of communication between its different departments and their complementarity.

Historically, companies used to work with multiple systems and software to cover their needs in terms of accounting, finance, project management, sales, etc. One of the biggest issues is the independency of these systems that leads to data silos and a duplication of manual processes, mainly to enter or transfer the data from a system to another.

Today ERP systems tend to cover a broad range of capabilities companies might require, and promote work collaboration between employees while reducing data silos. As each company is different and has its own specific needs, some ERP systems offer a high level of flexibility to accelerate and simplify their customization and adaptability. In this case, IT developers can code extensions and features to implement them for each customer.

The fear of starting an ERP implementation project

Many companies are aware of the necessity to modernize their ERP system, however, they are reluctant to this change, for reasons that seem fair, at first sight. But to all these concerns, solutions exist. These are some of them:

  • How can I be sure this ERP solution is the best fit to my company?

Let's be clear, there is no perfect ERP solution out there. Even though modern ERP systems cover out of the box a large set of functionalities and capabilities, your company will most likely have some very specific needs that can be either related to your business field or to your specific internal processes. This is why your choice of ERP system must be focused on the flexibility of the tool and how easy it can be customized either by a super user or an IT developer. A powerful ERP system must adapt to your internal business rules and processes.

  • We cannot afford a full change of our ERP system

Modernising an ERP system is in fact a major project that comes with many challenges. However, some ERP solutions are made of separate modules that can be combined later. In this case, you can start small, implement few modules, roll them out for each department, and keep adding more as time goes while your employees become familiar with the new system.

3 signs that indicate the urgency of changing your ERP system

If you are still reading the content of this page and you are currently struggling with your ERP system, you might already have an idea of the necessity of modernizing and implementing in a near future a new ERP solution. That being said, these are the 3 signs that show the urgent need of changing your ERP:

  1. The current system capabilities do not allow your company to work efficiently and grow.

  2. Employees have to jump around multiple systems to perform their work.

  3. Field personnel do not have easy access to company's resources and information from outside, using their laptops or mobile devices.

deltAlyz team members have experience implementing and customizing ERP systems and CRM tools. We support our customers in their implementation projects to help them modernize their tools and systems to better manage their companies and empower their employees.

Customer Cases - Microsoft Tools






With more than 55 years experience dealing with water quality, DHI is a consulting company specialized in fixing issues related to water environments.

Water covers more than 70% of the earth surface, governments and many organizations are directly involved in maintaining this natural resource in good health by limiting harmful human activities.


To better serve its customers, in 2017, DHI launched a digital transformation project to modernize the organization. The company chose Azure platform to accomplish this project and decided to also change its traditional ERP system. In fact, the old ERP system had many limitations and was preventing the company from improving its business processes.


Dynamics 365 was the best fit for this company to replace their traditional ERP system. This decision to move to Dynamics 365 has immediately eliminated the data silos they had before (because the old independent systems they had, were unable to seamlessly communicate with each others).

Thanks to Dynamics 365 Marketing module, in less than a month, the marketing team had the new system implemented. They started having a 360 degrees view of their customers, enabling new capabilities for the team. On top of that, team's manual effort has been reduced by 2/3. Now this time is used to perform more valuable tasks to employees and in turn the organization. In fact, now customers receive a better communication that is adapted to each client.


After the implementation of the different Dynamics 365 modules, DHI started seing immediate benefits from this unified environment. For example, when a customer shows some interest in the company by visiting a web page, blog, etc.., these interactions are logged and enrich the client's profile. The picture and knowledge about the customer or prospect becomes clearer over time. At this moment the built-in Artificial Intelligence of Dynamics 365 automatically takes actions and communicates valuable contents to each customer or prospect based on their profiles.

When a prospect is considered mature enough by the AI, the profile is immediately sent to the sales team, for them to contact the prospect with a list of recommended actions.






Northumbria University NEWCASTLE


More than 38,000 students study in Northumbria University Newcastle in England. Like many other universities in the world, this university is facing continuous growth of number of students seeking high quality education. Northumbria University Newcastle started looking for a better way to manage the increasing demand and to provide a better and modern education experience to its students.

The new generations of students are looking for universities that can provide a proactive education approach and also provide them with the necessary information whenever they want to have it. This basically means that students do not expect to wait until university's doors are open to the public in the morning to get access to what they are looking for. In fact, new generations grew with smartphones and other mobile devices in their pockets, they are used to access the information they are looking for whenever they feel the need to have it. Naturally, they expect the same thing when it comes to college or university.

Northumbria University Newcastle had to find a way to adapt to these new behaviours by launching a digital transformation project. In fact, the university personnel realized that changes to the old processes were needed sooner rather than later.


A new digital experience was born and provided to everyone through a brand new student portal that is combined with Dynamics 365, Office 365 and Microsoft Teams capabilities.

For instance, since the implementation of this project, students were no longer required to spend time visiting multiple offices in multiple departments to fill out an application or a form. Now, departments work seamlessly together using the unified system to process the requests. The bureaucracy has simply disappeared. As an example, the average processing time for scholarships went down from 12 weeks to less than 6 weeks.


We deliver tailored training sessions to organizations who are implementing new ERP and CRM tools. The goal here is to make sure everyone in the organization is able to efficiently use the new implemented systems.

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