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ML & AI Modern And Integrated Solutions

These two subjects, machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI), are becoming mainstream in the business world. Various industries are adopting these technologies.

We provide and develop advanced machine learning solutions that help organizations solve many key business challenges. Our data warehousing and data mining services help you make data-driven decisions by delivering best-in-class ML + AI software for IoT applications, data services, automating processes, and a set of other benefits.

We are a data warehousing company proficient in offering strategy counseling, design, engineering solutions, and research & development services. With our expertise, we can help you materialize your ideas. We start with a functional POC or MVP and scale it as you grow.

We can help your business with

Reduce Costs With Machine Learning

Some of the world's most prestigious consulting firms point out that cognitive technology should save $ 60 billion in the corporate world over the next two years. This cost reduction can include several factors, such as intelligent systems capable of avoiding wastage in production, better pricing with suppliers, improved work, and improved regular machine maintenance.

Great Solutions And Movements Prediction

Benefit from ML models to identify patterns across multiple data sources and boost your decisions. Discover hidden insights by crossing different datasets such as customer data, sales historical data, competitor information, holidays dates, and many others to refine predictions.

Forecasting And Prediction

AI & ML can help you with accurate forecasting. For example, you will be able to predict your sales and raw-material demand for your production process. These technologies can help you in inventory management, logistics plan and improve your organization's performance.

AI Can Help Your Business In Multiple Fronts

Artificial Intelligence is also present in regular tasks. The technology used in this context, as automation and intelligent decision-making process, aims to streamline operations, minimize errors, and increase efficiencies.


Artificial intelligence and machine learning are part of computer science, these two technologies are used to create intelligent systems. While they are related technologies, and used as synonyms, they are still two different terms.

On a broad level, we can distinguish them as Artificial Intelligence is the more general concept of creating intelligent machines that can simulate human thinking and behavior abilities, and Machine Learning is a subset of AI that enables machines to learn from data.


Visual, sensory, and all kinds of data are multiplying fast. The remarkable capacity of machines to monitor and learn from this data can make a huge difference for companies that know how to use it in today’s business world. Applications based on artificial intelligence with applied machine learning have great potential for rapid and constant improvement. Whether for internal, external, commercial, or other use, possibilities are practically endless.

Nowadays, more and more companies are adopting AI and ML strategies, whether large or small. At deltAlyz can offer efficient artificial intelligence and machine learning options that meet your needs for affordable prices. Our solutions can assist you from analytics, helping you to have a better prediction and decision-making, to the automation of your basic daily activities.

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