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Data Analytics - With Focus on Real Quick Results

The data analytics process has some components that can help a variety of initiatives in your business. By combining these components, a successful data analytics initiative will provide a clear picture of where you are, where you have been, and where you should go to achieve your goals.

Our approach to data analytics consulting enables our clients to use BI and analytics services in different ways to deal with various business challenges and scale operations.

More About Our Data Analytics Strategies

Data Analytics Solutions

We know how to separate signal from noise. Data analytics and artificial intelligence open doors to new opportunities for your organization to grow and differentiate itself from the competition at an accelerated pace.

As management explores ways to improve utilization and efficiency, unlock new revenue streams, and the ability (and agility) to create new business models, all paths share a common denominator.

Achieving business reinvention requires some capabilities. It may involve the adoption of new technologies or even a complete change in the business culture.

Essential data elements identification is critical to business change and can release the most valuable data for the organization.

Data management and governance enable trusted methods to ensure centralized management, maintenance, and administration of critical data. Using cloud secured data platforms will help you gain a deeper understanding of the organization and its business environment to meet current needs while  keeping the flexibility to future expansion.

Fast and Accessible

We use the same agile methods for analysis projects as for digital product development. With low investment, we can quickly analyze data to identify and verify new business opportunities, such as improving customers journey.

Professional Consultancy

Our experienced data and analysis consultant team will work with you to implement new business strategies and develop cutting-edge technology solutions to achieve your business objectives.

Core Information

deltAlyz can give you a clear line of sight on different aspects of your business, enabling you and your team to be proactive and innovative.

Continuous Improvement

Starting a project today will support the growth of a data-driven culture and lead to better business outcomes. We work hard with you to improve your results.

Data Analytics Its The Best Way To Deeply Understand What Is Happening In Your Business

Leverage Our Expertise In Data Science To Reveal The Hidden Power In Your Data


Data Overview

To decide the best approach towards your dataset, we need to have a clear idea of how we want to group the data we want to analyze (based on age, gender, customer size, regions, etc.).


Staging Areas

There are many methods and tools to extract and store data (persistent or non-persistent staging areas) before starting the analysis phase. We need to ensure the solidity of this step because it heavily affects the performance and the resilience of the entire data analytics project.


Data Cleansing and Data Preparation

The model’s quality and performance depend directly on the quality of the ingested data. Undermine this critical step, sometimes considered annoying and time-consuming, can spoil the entire data analytics project. Contrary to its name, it is in this step where Data Mining comes into play. Data mining is not the looking for the data itself, but it is the process of extracting relevant information from large datasets and looking for patterns, temporal sequences, and the relation between variables.

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