In short

Today, a great number of companies are changing the way they operate their business and are adopting new technologies to improve productivity and increase their market share.

To do so, organizations implement digital tools and new technologies to disrupt and innovate. These are some examples:

  • Process Automation and digital transformation

  • Monitoring and remote control of industrial systems

  • Cloud and BYOD use

  • Customer service improvement through mobile and web applications

These new technologies bring tremendous benefits but also some new threats. The implementation of these new connected tools increase the attack surface size by giving more exposure to cyber criminality. This is because some organizations rush the development of these new capabilities without carefully considering the security aspect during the development process.

During these last years we have seen a spike in the number of cyber attacks toward companies of all sizes, they are usually driven by either destructive goals or ransom motivations. All these new challenges make things more and more difficult to internal IT and security teams.

To cope with these new sophisticated threats, organisations need to act fast and develop strategies that protect more their systems by adopting proactive protection techniques.

Many areas are targeted by cyber-criminals and need to be reinforced, these are few of them:

  • Secure business applications (Web, mobile,...)

  • Secure local IT resources (Mail servers, AD servers, Industrial systems,...)

  • Secure user environments (Workstations, mobile devices, BYOD,...)

  • Secure cloud environments and SaaS resources (Azure, AWS, Salesforce, Sage,...)

In this context, deltAlyz Cybersecurity team members have developed specialized skills and techniques to help you implement best practices and secure your IT resources.


This service includes:

  • Risk mapping and security roadmap definition

  • Risk analysis, CISO support, security awareness ...

  • Security tools study and deployment (EPP, EDR, proxy, WAF, ...)

  • Penetration testing

  • Etc.



We deliver tailored training sessions to increase employee's awareness about cybersecurity challenges and risks. This includes:

  • Specialized training for developers (Web, BDD, Programming,...)

  • Specialized training for "high risk" population (System admins, Network technicians, application analysts,...)

  • Specialized training for risk analysis (ISO 27005 and EBIOS)

  • Training sessions around best practices to all employees

  • Etc...

In detail

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