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Keep Your Business Always On With Our Cloud Services

We already use many cloud-based services in our daily routine, such as files storage services, email providers, etc. However, you can also bring value to your company using cloud computing service providers. Instead of storing applications and data on your organization’s servers or your computer, you can take advantage of cloud-based solutions and bring scalability and flexibility to your company.

You will only pay for what you use as computing resources and storage space in the cloud. It is what makes the cloud cost-effective. Scalability is also another significant advantage. You can quickly scale up or down your services as your demand changes.

We can help your business with

On-Demand And Custom Software

Software as a Service, also known as SaaS - on-demand software, allows you to provide customers with the latest software versions and updates anytime, anywhere.

Cloud Architecture

We will assist you with removing server racks, routers, and cables, introducing a cutting-edge IT infrastructure tailored to your company's specific requirements. Modern architecture makes use of scalable technologies as well as cloud-friendly programming languages and concepts.

Cloud Consultancy

We will help you define your cloud strategy, assess your current stage, evaluate your objectives, and determine a roadmap to a successful cloud initiative. Working with proof of concept and building pilots, we can help you find the most suitable solutions to your business.

Cloud Migration

It takes time to migrate decades of legacy systems from on-premises infrastructure to the cloud. Let deltAlyz Cloud specialists help your company through every stage of the conversion process. Following a well-thought-out migration plan, you can quickly take advantage of the cloud benefits.


You may be using cloud computing right now without even realizing it. If you use online services to send emails, edit documents, watch movies, listen to music, play games, or store photos and other files, cloud computing is likely to be what is making it possible behind the scenes.

Any infrastructure, platform, software, or technology that users access via the internet without downloading and that is not locally installed can be considered cloud computing services.

As cloud services are becoming more widely available, these services will continue to make it easier for companies to offer better work conditions to employees and services to customers. Cloud computing is changing the business world, the way we work, and the market.


Cloud services are intended to give simple, cost-effective access to apps, virtual machines and other resources without requiring great investment in internal infrastructure and hardware, as it provides metered services, which means that you will only pay for what you really use.

While using cloud services, you will have on-demand availability with all available resources according to your needs. Cloud providers offer a wide range of services that you can deploy, cancel or shut down as you want.

If you have a mission critical system with long term needs, you can consider monthly or annual cloud subscriptions, eliminating the need to invest in IT infrastructures and software licenses.

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