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Business Intelligence Services in Vancouver

Business Intelligence Services Provider in Vancouver – Canada, is essential for defining strategy and formulating action plans. It provides insights and discoveries on any subject related to your business, which can be applied to daily life, operational technology, market research, public research, communication, etc. It is worth noting that business intelligence is not a technology, but a concept, even though innovative tools, software, and solutions may be part of this process. Another difference is that its purpose is to facilitate the business management process and make it accessible to all relevant personnel. As a process, business intelligence seeks to transform and reconstruct large amounts of information on business-related topics. Therefore, people find actionable intelligence through in-depth reading of data, its changes, characteristics, and history. In other words, insights will come first and then apply to the company’s intelligence in all aspects, especially strategic planning.

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What is the main purpose of business intelligence?

The main goal of Business Intelligence, or short, BI, is to enable companies to make corporate decisions more decisively. Rather than relying on ” trial and error, the company guides its strategic planning based on internal and external information, rather than relying on “trial and error.” In other words, BI seeks to enhance its position as a competitive company in the market and differentiates it from the competition. Therefore, by accessing the database and with the help of technical tools, each business area, such as the actual quality of delivery, customers’ true needs, and competitors’ exact characteristics, can be better understood. In other words, your company starts to act on confident intelligence.

In this reality, not all decisions are made as a whole. They result from analysis and interpretation of the market resulting in growth and development in general and finance in particular.

Essential tips for implementing business intelligence in your company?


Define your business goals

Remember that we earlier discussed the importance of understanding business goals first and then adopting intelligent strategies? Understanding these goals is precisely what your company needs in many strategic areas: growth, cost reduction, market share expansion, and many other areas. All this material is going to improve your results.


Create KPI

Secondly, you must understand the key performance indicators and set them as strategic planning goals.


Choose a tool

There is no BI without technical tools; it can integrate domains and data and still provide all the analytical potential required for the subject. Therefore, look for genuinely complete options to stand out in the market and meet your company’s needs!

Three reasons for companies to invest in business intelligence Canada

  1. Decision-making assistance: The data comparison and reporting process enable you to analyze scenarios with higher efficiency and accuracy. Therefore, every decision is made based on accurate information. Risks are controllable and even highly predictable.

  2. Market competitive advantage: By understanding its processes and customers’ perceptions, planning can be more effective. After all, you will understand trends, consumer behavior, and that of your competitors. Therefore, you are always one step ahead of the market and gain a more significant competitive advantage.

  3. Presentation of consumer behavior data: Do you know your customers, or do you think you do? BI gives you greater power over history, enabling you to understand your profile and map trends. In addition, through the complete history of browsing and user behaviour, you can identify the challenges consumers encountered during the purchase process, their main difficulties, and doubts about your product.

How does business intelligence work?

BI determines what information is helpful to the business and what goals are to be achieved in data collection. To analyze and understand which strategies should be adopted to increase revenue, data will be collected from investment, sales, and production. At this stage, the cleanup of the database will also take place to select the content of genuine interest according to the research objectives.

In addition, if you want to improve your communication and align the brand’s posture with public expectations, it is necessary to collect data and history of customer interactions, whether it is from social networks, website publication reviews, SAC, or others.

Once the information is collected, it is time to define the indicators responsible for clarifying. Data organization is also established for easy visualization and comparison. In addition, reports are available in the dashboard, which can be consulted and updated when necessary.

Certain information is of interest to specific departments of the company. Therefore, the reports must be forwarded to their respective regions so that managers and employees can exchange ideas and make the best decisions.

First, we must find new data sources in line with market, public and organizational movements. The results and insights brought about by data processing must rely on constant monitoring and review.

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