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A business application consists of a set of functionalities and features to accomplish various business tasks. There is much off-the-shelf software a company can adopt. However, it is unlikely that it will fully satisfy all demands as each company has specific requirements. When this solution fails to suit unique business goals, the best choice is to use customized software to match those objectives.

At deltAlyz, we have created a new digital experience platform and ecosystem that allows customers and other stakeholders to interact with your brand through their devices. We offer enterprise software solutions to simplify almost every challenging task for our customers, thereby increasing your overall output. We also ensure the reliability and security of your corporate applications.

Business APP Is A Great Tool To Improve Communication And Simplify Daily Business Tasks

Enterprise Custom Software Solutions

We design and develop simple and intuitive business applications software solutions that fulfill your teams’ needs within your particular environment.

Regardless of your process’s complexity level, our team creates a straightforward workflow in application development to make things easier to accomplish. Focusing on practical user experience (UX) to save time, boost productivity, and increase user satisfaction and engagement.

In addition to applications for business, we build automated tools to capture, save, process, manage, store, and deliver content and documents related to your company operations.

Apps Integrated With Your Systems

Integrate new enterprise software with existing software through our enterprise integration.

Mobile Priority

Time spent on mobile devices has become more significant than time spent on computers.


We are capable, not overconfident. By working with agile methodology and efficient project management tools, we deliver what we promise and usually more. We work hard to deliver the best solution to meet your requirements.

Quality Assurance

High-quality solutions, in all dimensions, are ensured by development standards and quality assessments. Under our agile methodology, your application will be built with a test-driven development. Our thoughts? Test early, often test, and automate as much as possible.

Some Microsoft Power Apps Customer Cases


American Red Cross - Business APP Development


American Red Cross employees and volunteers provide vital services to the community. Every day, a team of 650 first aid trainers use Personal Protection Equipment such as gloves, masques, goggles, … to deliver training sessions.

Many of these trainers were complaining of the slowness of the process to order these equipment and having them delivered to the training locations.

A group of people has been formed to think about improving this business process.


A paper form (purchase order) was requested to order the necessary equipment. This paper was filled out by each trainer, scanned and sent by email to the purchase coordinator who consolidates all these orders and send them to different suppliers. Tracking the status of these orders was painful for trainers who wanted to know when their orders will be shipped and delivered.


A Power Platform solution was developed to handle this business process from end to end, giving to each trainer the possibility to place orders directly into a main system using their mobile devices or laptops. They can now easily track the progress of these orders and better organize their training sessions.


Auto Glass


Internal business processes and rules were time-consuming and subject to multiple human errors. For example, field personnel had to consistently call the central office to give updates on current missions, get information and directions for new ones. This energy is better used to serve customers and increase service quality. Digital transformation became more than necessary.


Mobile apps were developed and installed on mobile devices carried by the field personnel. Office employees have also their own app that is run on their desktops and is directly linked and synchronized with the data coming from the field. Customer service and customer satisfaction have increased since this digital transformation.





More than 1600 employees work in Ohio, taking care of the production, marketing and distribution of the full range of Pepsi-Cola products. Big part of employees spend time managing customer business accounts.

The sought goal was to empower employees, increase efficiency and simplify business processes. The organization aimed also to enhance customer relationship between the main office and the distributors.


A mobile app has been developed to give more flexibility and power to front line workers. Before this application, field personnel were taking during each distributor visit, manual notes about the stock level, the quality of presentation of the products on the shelves, etc.

Now all this information is taken using smartphones with of course possibility to take pictures. This data is then automatically sent to the main office.


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