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8 Tech Giants Using AI Today

Tech giants today are all competing for dominance on a global scale. Companies like Amazon, Facebook, and Alphabet (Google) have to develop superior products and services to ensure they stay ahead of each other.

However, traditional business acumen and strategies can only get them so far. These tech giants have embraced Business Intelligence (BI) solutions like data analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to meet growing demands and competition.

Today, we will discuss eight tech giants using AI today to give you a better idea of how this modern technology is helping these businesses stay ahead in the most competitive global markets.

8 Tech Giants Using AI Today

Here are eight tech giants increasingly using and relying on AI today.

1.      Alphabet (Google)

If you didn’t already know, Alphabet is the parent company of Google, the most popular and largest search engine globally, with over 70 percent of the search market share. Their self-driving technology division, Waymo, is a subsidiary heavily powered by AI.

Waymo’s mission is to “make it safe and easy for people and things to get where they’re going,” and they are achieving this through self-driving technology. Currently, they have self-driving taxis in Arizona, where the company has mapped out a large section of Chandler.

Google’s commitment to AI, particularly deep learning, became clear when they acquired DeepMind, an AI company highly focused on cutting-edge deep learning systems. They made global headlines when their AlphaGo program became the first-ever deep learning computer program to beat a professional player at the game of Go.

The Google Duplex is another example of how Google is using AI.

It is an AI interface that can make calls and schedule appointments for you. You may think that this is old tech, but Duplex does this using natural language processing, which is so good that someone on the other end of the call won’t be able to tell that they are talking to a computer program.

2.      Microsoft

Not only is Microsoft the largest software company in the world, but it is also a top vendor of AI as a Service (AIaaS). They provide many of the world’s businesses with AI-powered solutions. Moreover, many of their products like Skype, Office 365, Cortana, and Bing use AI technologies to function.

3.      Amazon

Amazon is one of the biggest tech giants using AI today, mostly because they don’t just use it for their innovative products and services but also in many aspects of their business. You probably already knew that their virtual assistant, Alexa, uses Artificial Intelligence technology on many fronts.

However, did you know that they use AI to ship products near your location before you even order them? This is an incredibly innovative way AI is being applied for Business Intelligence (BI) purposes. They analyze customer behaviors and trends to make highly accurate predictions with AI.

This allows them to ship products near customers before they even order them, reducing shipping time and enhancing customer experience. A tech giant like Amazon wouldn’t be taking such costly risks if their data analytics, predictive analysis, AI, and BI solutions were not efficient or accurate enough.

Imagine accurately predicting what your customers will buy and shipping those products near them before checkout. Such innovative solutions are what AI and BI can offer businesses.

4.      Tencent

Tencent is a Chinese tech giant and social media company that uses AI solutions in products and services for over a billion users. Their WeChat app, virtual assistants, gaming division, mobile payment solutions, and other ventures all use powerful AI tools and technologies in various ways.

They collect immense amounts of data from users and analyze it using BI and AI tools. Their belief in AI is so strong that one of their slogans reads, “AI in all.”

5.      IBM

IBM is one of the oldest tech giants on this list. As such, they have been at the forefront of Artificial Intelligence for as long as anyone around. Over two decades ago, their Deep Blue computer was the first ever to become a chess champion.

Later, their Watson computer won Jeopardy, a popular TV game show where contestants are quizzed on a wide range of subjects. The most recent innovative AI tech from IBM is Project Debater, which can formulate arguments and debate on topics like professional humans.

6.      Baidu

Since Google was banned in mainland China, Baidu is their replacement for Google. It is a search engine company that uses AI in multiple forms. Their Deep Voice utilizes Artificial Intelligence and deep learning to clone a voice in under 4 seconds.

The same AI tech is used to read books to users in the author’s voice, without any actual recordings of the author reading the book.

7.      Facebook

Facebook uses deep learning and AI for things like DeepText and DeepFace. DeepText allows Facebook to automatically interpret the content and emotional sentiment of written posts in various languages that their users publish in.

Whereas DeepFace helps them recognize users in photos being shared on Facebook. This AI-powered facial recognition tech is so accurate that it is better than humans at recognizing people and things. They also use it to detect and remove erotic and pornographic images automatically.

8.      Apple

Apple, the smartphone tech giant, uses AI and machine learning in their iPhones to enable things like FaceID. They also use it in other products to enable their virtual assistant, Siri. All your song recommendations on Apple Music and photo search assistance in the iCloud are also being powered by AI technologies.


Artificial Intelligence and its BI applications are incredibly useful. Through AI technologies like machine learning and deep learning, tech giants are doing incredible things. These innovative products, services, and applications enable them to stay ahead and compete.

Business Intelligence solutions, AI tools, and other data-driven technologies are no longer limited to tech giants. Businesses, large and small, can all take advantage to compete in increasingly competitive markets.

If you want to learn more about tech giants using AI, or if you want to deploy BI and AI solutions for your business, please visit our website today.